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    Thank you for this app. In order to apply for a temporary driving license, go to the Madinat Khalifa Traffic Department with hest application form duly completed in Arabicyour national driving license, proof of qatsr your passport plus a copy, 3 photographs. Name of the Organization : National Transport and Safety. Qatar is undoubtedly one of the Middle-East's most sporty nations. For more information about the international driving license, please contact the dedicated driving services in your country. Love it This app not help for me. Apply handbrake when needed 9. The car must fit in exactly in one shot, you are only allowed to reverse, not move forward. Note that in most cases, driving tests are not required. Keep the car under control and on the lane 5. U r not the Only OneMany People are getting failed even after 4 attempts, They have Restricted the Issue qatar driver test Driving License especially to expats. What you mentioned in your steps should all become tsst habits before you become a driver. Make sure you pay attention to all aspects all the time. Result: Once back to the school you want to wait for 15-30 mints for the result. Good luck with your quest!. Road Traffic regulations test tets Qatar. Qatar Driving License Test 1 Theory Test — Signs 2 Practical Test — Tets Parking, Driverr Parking and Road Test 1 Theory TestA policeman. Luxurious cars on the streets of Qatar may mesmerize many but reckless. What Police officer see for this point. Then only you are fit to drive. If someone tries to remember so many things during the test he will surely do some mistake. Keep the car under control and on the lane 5. Most high street opticians or clinics drievr carry this out though for a fee. Make sure you pay attention to all aspects all the time. The Gold License is granted to any driver who, at the point of license renewal, has at least five years of clean driving history no driving infractions. I'm on my 2nd attempt to pass the road test in the next few weeks.

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