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    Exit back out and down the hall. You will want to walk very carefully as a misplaced step can lead to death. Get back into your squad car and visit this store. You'll be assaulted by Angel and his brother. Morgan; Clue- Receipt for live hog - Open the trunk of the car and examine the piece of paper inside. Once there head up to the land registry office and check the company records at shelf You'll need to enter a hedge maze, but the solution is very easy. The trunk is also covered in straw. Dudley Lynch - Hit and run incident- Doubt Association with victim- Truth Argument overheard in bar- Doubt; You find out that Mrs. She will make another left down an alley, followed by a second right. Doubt his intentions and use the witness testimony to put him behind bars. This gives you a new clue- blackmail. Here check out the scale models and talk to Monroe. Fake shrunken head- Doubt; Mark Bishop's name pops up. Bronze Rosecoe And Friends Kill at least one bad guy with every gun. Behind the house is also a newly installed heater that is missing a pipe. la noire drivers seat clues Grill either suspect and put them away to end the case. McColl is rather honest, though he does fib a bit when it comes to his relationship to the deceased. Bust down the door on the right and kill the two enemies inside. Shannon Perry - Eyewitness report- Truth; There was an argument going on downstairs in the bar. For now, follow the lead and travel to Mr. Head to the roof and chase down McCaffrey with a tackle. Walk over to the left for the C seaat to find a bloody pipe — Examine the name, Instaheat, on it. The main piece of interest is cluex slot machine in the back. There are also some footprints by the neighbor's yard and the heater off to the right side of the house. Use the Southcott to call out her lie regarding Hammonds whereabouts, along with the bookie information to see what she knows about the numbers.

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