• Best driver for gtx 970 mining

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    Would I make more money if I had a sapphire radeon r9 280. Thanks for your help. So what's the best way to get alot of money through mining. For the same config, Micron can only run 9000mhz with watercooling, will test with the other best driver for gtx 970 mining with basic fan and see how it compares. Do you mind pointing me into the right direction. It seems like Coinbase does not support Japan. Hope this helps and I am running Windows 10 v1703 on all my mining rigs. Or, you know, at the corner around the block. Anyone have any thoughts on how much time we will have to still mine it. I am down to 72% and 32. The problem was that I was running an old version of windows 10 and getting the new creators upgrade that was released recently fixed it. Despite that, I appreciate your help. What did this accomplish. Can I donate to you or is your advert revenue enough for you helping me. I can't believe it. Or can I skip it all together. Overclock Ed memory +1000 and dialed back power to 65% and now getting 24mh per card. Once I star mining may I ask how can I get the funds to me here in Japan?. I think performance tends to drop off a little with the latest ones, which are focused on current Pascals. Could you advise, which of the following cards is better? Did people downloaded this? Should take about 10-15 minutes to get going with a setup like that. How do I mine myself without a pool? In Pascal when we drop the power target, the clock speed will follow suit. Honestly, opinions will vary widely.

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